Meylah has supported independent business owners for over 3 years.  Meylah provides the online tools to share their products and services in a easy to use functional storefront. 

The next challenge for the business owners is to drive traffic to their storefront that generates sales.  Various strategies are used to attract potential customers and sometimes we all need help.

Meylah's resource center (first of its kind!) is a new program exclusively created so we can showcase coaches, advisors and other experts across the world to our community so they can grow their business.  Our goal is to make Meylah’s Resource Center a premier place for the business owners to find the resources in one place to help them take their business to next level and provide you with new customers.

To participate in the Meylah Resource Center:

1. Businesses must contribute minimum of 3 blogs per year which will be published on Meylah blog which has a readership of 35K people.

2. Businesses must maintain at least six products in your online store and keep your store fresh by adding at least two items per month. 

3. Businesses must ship and deliver your sold items and respond to customer complaints/requests in a timely manner.

4. Pricing to participate: Subscription fees of $20/month in addition to 2.75% per transaction for all sales on your store.

5. Create at least 1 promotion per month to be shared with Meylah community and its partner communities.

Keep in mind that the Meylah's Resource Center consists of items to support small businesses, home businesses and independent business across the world. Every item listed in our market is monitored and reviewed. We reserve the right to not accept items and remove members as we see fit.  Interested to be part of it, Apply today!!


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